Priors Hardwick

News and Diary

Village E-mailing list

CLICK here to join the Priors Hardwick emailing list, just send the mail, it doesn't need a Subject line or anything in it. You should then get an email back to confirm joining the list, please reply to it. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't get the confirmation within a couple of minutes.

Warwickshire Rail Strategy Consultation

CLICK here to read and contribute. Consultation runs to 20 Sept 2019.

Community Transport Information

CLICK here for info about the community transport offer, and how to volunteer. Also CLICK here for a leaflet.

Sat 10th August at 10:30 am - Monthly Village Walk

The monthly walk (2nd Saturday) will start at the lych gate at 10:30 am

Friday 16th August - Smart Water Event - St Mary's church 4pm - 8pm

Sat 21st September at 7:30 pm - An Evening of Song

St Leonards, Priors Marston, tickets 15 from Rob Butcher incl wine and refreshments
mail robmaxbutcher(at)

Home Library Delivery Service

Are you unable to visit the library due to ill health, consider the home delivery service - more info here

Parish Magazine

The Parish Magazine is available in .PDF format - get it online from the Parish web page

Village Directory

The Directory is available for £3 and has the most up to date numbers,
emails and addresses for our village and Priors Marston.

Please contact Margaret Clarke to receive one.