Priors Hardwick Community Survey

On behalf of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), and with the support of the Parish Meeting, we are doing a survey of the residents of Priors Hardwick as to how we might expand the use of the Church so that the building can better serve the community. In order to obtain permission from the Church of England, the PCC has established a Project Group (Project Enable) to explore how improvements to the Church to include flexible seating, improved heating, kitchen/servery and WC might be implemented. At the same time, the PCC is responsible for the maintenance of a building with 13th Century origins and must address the costs associated with keeping the church in good condition; fundraising will become an integral part of this Project. Please answer all the questions if possible. Some of the questions allow one answer choice, some allow more than one, and/or take a written answer.

If this is a printed copy of the survey, you can return it to me at Pingle House or scan/photo to, or go online instead and complete the survey there at

You are invited to send a response for each member of your household, should you so wish

Please could you complete your response by 18th January when the PCC next meets

Thank you very much for your time and information

Christopher Hodgson

On behalf of the Church of St Mary PCC

Please enter your name, email and address (We will respect your privacy if you complete these fields and will only use the info to check for survey coverage and weeding out any accidental duplicates):

Length of time lived in Priors Hardwick     years

What is your age?   12-17    18-24    25-34    35-44    45-54    55-64    65-74    75+

Ages of any children at home  

Number of Churchgoers in your household:
- Regular  
- Occasional  

Q. Do you think the Church is a focal point of the village?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. Would you like to see greater use of the Church?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. If alterations were made (Flexible seating, kitchen, servery and WC) what additional activities would you like to see in the Church?

 Coffee Meetings
 Tea Groups
 Childrens Activities / Creche
 Clubs / Group Meetings
 Business Meetings
 Bridge / Social Occasions
 Games / Arts / Crafts
 Concerts / Lectures
 Art Exhibitions
 Food Bank Support
 Function Hire
 Other Activities, please name  

Q. Would you use the Church more if the proposed alterations were made?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. Should a defibrillator be included in the design?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. Would you be prepared to help us with this project?

Yes    No   Not Sure

If so, what skills might you bring to the project?

 Project Planning
 Project Administration
 Diocesan Liaison
 Architect Liaison
 Grant Applications
 Ongoing Maintenance
 Kitchen / Servery Design
 Other, please specify