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See below for the current Village Design Statement, drawn up in 2007. Right now we have a village initiative to re-think the future of the village, with an introductory meeting in the church on Thursday 16th January as part of the quarterly parish meeting. If you're interested in "having your say" please try to attend.

Village Design Statement

This Statement should apply to the whole village,ie areas in and out of the Conservation Area*, but recognises the constraints that apply to the Conservation area*.

*The below statement headed "Conservation Area" should always be read in conjunction with the Village Design Statement

Conservation Area

The statutory definition of a Conservation Area is "an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance". This special character comes not only from the quality of its buildings, but also their relationship to each other and with open spaces, views into and out of the area, street patterns and features, trees, archaeology and historic landscapes.

Conservation Area designation should enable the proper management of change in historic places, not preserve them in time or stifle new development.

Certain responsibilities are placed on those who live, work or own property in a Conservation Area, and on the District Council: