Priors Hardwick digital survey

This survey aims to find out how to improve the digital services (website, email list, other ...) we operate within, and for, the village. Please answer all the questions if possible. Some of the questions allow one answer choice, some allow more than one, and/or take a written answer.

If this is a printed copy of the survey, you can return it to the box inside the church, or go online instead and complete the survey there at


Optionally, please enter your name and/or email address: Name   Email    We will respect your privacy if you complete these fields and will only use the info to check for survey coverage and weeding out any accidental duplicates.

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First, some questions about the village website:

Q. Did you know there is a village website (it's ?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. Do you use the website ?

Monthly-ish  Weekly-ish  Daily-ish  Other

If "Other" please say how often  

Guidance: If you don't use the website you can skip down to the section about the village emails

Q. How do you access the website ?

 PC or laptop
 Tablet e.g. iPad
 Other, please specify  

Q. How easy or difficult do you find the site to use ?

Easy    Medium   Difficult

If not "Easy" please help us by trying to explain why  

Q. Which page(s) do you find most useful ?

 The Village
 News and Diary
 Conservation Area
 Community Values
 Parish Meetings
 Neighbourhood Watch
 Parochial Church Council
 with Priors Marston
 Contact Us
 Stratford DC Planning

Q. Which "live feeds" do you think we should/could add to the site ?

 Local News
 Police Reports
 Planning Applications

Q. What else would you like, or not like, to see on the village website (e.g. discussions, visitor info, advertising, local walks... ?  

Q. Would you like email updates when material is added to the site ?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Next, some questions about the village emails:

Q. Did you know there is a village email list ?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Q. Are you a member of the list and do you receive the village emails ?

Yes    No   Not Sure

Tick/Click here if you would like to be added to the email list, and be sure to add your email address at the top of the survey form.

Yes    No

Q. If you receive the emails can you suggest any improvements ?

 No, they're just fine
 More fancy formatting
 More attachments
 Less attachments
 Links to articles on the website
 Any other ideas, please specify  

Finally, some wider questions about social media:

Q. Do you use social media ?

 FaceBook Messenger
 Freecycle / Freegle
 Other, please specify  

Q. Would you like to use other local, village-focussed social media for ... ?

 Selling / Wanted
 Other, please specify