Welcome to Priors Hardwick

The small village of Priors Hardwick occupies an elevated position along a ridge of high ground within the open countrywide of south-east Warwickshire. The largely dispersed settlement has evolved around a central triangular area of open meadows, the site of an abandoned medieval village. Narrow lanes thread their way carefully around this green space, opening up a progressive sequence of spaces and vistas. Clustered around the dominant feature of the church of St. Mary the Virgin is an assortment of picturesque cottages, houses and barns.

The spacial contributions of the wide verges and irregular plots are as important as the buildings themselves. A well-tended area of grass verge around the War Memorial acts as a natural focal point, with the church, lych-gate and mature trees on one side providing a perfect counterpoint for the rustic charm of the 17th and 18th century stone cottages opposite.

Beyond the Butchers Arms, Lower End has a more open feel, with the buildings mostly set well back in deep mature plots around a small green. Trees, walls and ancient hedges are defining characteristics.

Most of the buildings in Priors Hardwick are highly individual designs built with local materials. The rust coloured Hornton ironstone abounds. Dark brown and ochre tones create a natural harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Priors Hardwick is a village and civil parish in the Stratford-on-Avon District of Warwickshire in England.

Priors Hardwick and Upper Boddington featured in a walk published in The Times, 8 miles or so. Here’s that walk, starting in Priors Hardwick as a GPX file on the Garmin site URL link icon

Here is a link to a 360 degree aerial shot of the village, click the pic. 360 sphere